Fueled by skill for design and passion for helping entrepreneurs, Nico Creative Co was born. 


Meet Nico, your web and graphic designer

Nicole Steen, Owner of Nico Creative Co.

I am a 31-year old introverted, avocado-loving, animal lover who grew up near Boston.  (No, I don’t have an accent… anymore!)  Instead of playing WWF wrestling and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with my older brother and younger sister when we were in elementary school, I sat in the corner writing fictional short stories in cursive with accompanying illustrations.  By age 7, I was designing calendars with different illustrations and seasonal-appropriate decorative fonts for every month. But as I was growing up, academics always came first.

I continued to dabble in art through graduate school (drawing class here, sculpture class there), but it was always ON THE SIDE.  At age 17, I went to Syracuse University in upstate New York to major in Psychology.  I wanted to be an organizational psychologist so I applied to a graduate school program in California (where I have wanted to live since I was 11).  I spent two years at Claremont Graduate University rigorously studying and earning my Masters degree in Positive Organizational Psychology, Applied Research, and Evaluation.  I learned a lot about "good work", how to support business growth, and the importance of making decisions based on data and evidence. 

Though I had the knowledge and experience to make it in the corporate world, as an introvert who just wanted to create, I quickly realized that path wasn't for me.  The creative and artistic light within me never faded — in fact, it only grew stronger.  I needed to figure out a way to make a living doing what I love — creating and helping entrepreneurs.  Welcome to Nico Creative Co, your one-stop-shop for web and graphic design services to support your small business. I am thrilled you're here, where creating is the MAIN COURSE.

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P.S. I'm also a resume writer!  Check it out.